Apple Service and Upgrades

Troubleshooting, on-site service and repair for your Apple.

  • Apple makes some amazing, reliable, and easy-to-use products, and their service while your computer is still under warranty is really good.  However, what happens if you spill ice cream on your Macbook’s keyboard and half the keys no longer work, but the rest of the system does–or you accidentally sit on it and crack the screen?  What happens if your LCD screen no longer comes on, but the rest of the system powers up?
  • We can diagnose and often fix the “Grey Screen of Death” that prevents many Apple computers from starting up.
  • Repairs like these can cost almost as much as a new Apple computer–they know how much you love your Apple and they know that you just want it to work again.
  • Tiger Custom Computers is dedicated to providing the same level of quality, affordable service to our Apple users that we provide to our Windows users.  If a new keyboard and touchpad for your Macbook cost $100 and takes around two hours to replace, you will not receive an outlandish repair quote for $700.

We know iPhone and iPad.

  • We can get your new iOS device set up so that it syncs e-mail, contact, and calendar information with your computer or e-mail account–GMail, Google Apps for Business, Office 365 and many other services for both personal and business use.
  • Access your shopping list, to-do list, work log, and any other notes you may want to keep track of from any of your devices.  We’ll set up and show you how to use a simple, synchronized, cloud-based system that works with PC and Apple, iPhone and Android.  Never worry about leaving the grocery list at home on the counter again.

We can upgrade your Apple.

  • Seeing the “Pinwheel of Doom”?  Adding more memory can make your Apple a little snappier, increasing its ability to multitask and decreasing the amount of time you have to wait for programs to open.
  • Upgrading the hard drive will give you more room to store your photos, music, videos and other data.
  • For clients who want their systems booting, opening programs, and generally running as quickly as possible without needing a ton of storage space, Tiger Custom Computers can install a Solid State Drive.  A Solid State Drive (SSD) is an extremely fast drive with no moving parts.
  • If you have a newer Apple, you have the wonderful opportunity to use Time Machine to make full, regular backups of your Apple that you can restore in the event of a disaster.  Let us help you find and configure an external hard drive that will work with your Apple computer and keep your data safe.
  • We can also set up a completely automated online backup system.  Your documents, photos, music, e-mail and other crucial files will be automatically backed up to secure servers whenever your computer is on and connected to the internet.  This is useful for protecting your files and other content from hard drive failures, theft, natural disaster, or other loss.

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