Systems and solutions are built according to client specifications on a case-by-case basis.  Sales are typically final–returns of an entire order are not accepted, but refunds on or credits for components or services that wind up being unneeded may be applied to the client’s account.  Warranty service and warranty hardware replacement is performed as needed and when covered by the initial system warranty, or by service agreement.


Clients are typically billed for services after the work is completed to our client’s satisfaction.  For most services, we do not take payment in advance–it is too difficult to guarantee that a certain project or task will cost a certain amount.  This is why we provide estimates and quotes as needed or requested.  Refunds will not be issued for projects or hourly work.  Other refunds may be granted on a case-by-case basis, or pro-rated if the refund is for a cancelled subscription-based service.

Service Cancellation:

A client may cancel most subscription-based services (such as on-line backup or antivirus software) within 30 days of purchase.  In the case of such a cancellation, a refund for the subscription-based service will be issued to the client on a pro-rated basis.  Materials and time costs involved with the migration or setup of a cancelled subscription-based service cannot be refunded.  If the client has a service agreement, the terms of the service agreement override any policy here.


Tiger Custom Computers will only ship products to the continuous, continental United States of America.

Information Collection and Privacy:

Information necessary to contacting, invoicing, communicating, and providing IT services and products to the client will be collected, maintained, and tracked by Tiger Custom Computers.  Tiger Custom Computers values our clients’ privacy and takes steps to protect client information from unauthorized access. These steps include strong passwords, isolation of data and services, data encryption, and technologies like SSL and HTTPS. Client information will only be shared with third parties as required by law enforcement, litigation, by any standing service agreement between Tiger Custom Computers and the Client, or as necessary to provide IT services and products, send invoices, and collect payments.

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