General Information

Before any major off-site service, we perform a backup of your machine to help keep your data safe.  We protect and respect your privacy.  We also try to minimize the downtime you experience from your computer problems and prevent problems when prudent and possible.

For serious hardware repairs and diagnostics, or major virus infections that require taking your system off-site for service, we aim for a turnaround time in days, not weeks.

We understand that being without your computer can be a major inconvenience.  Our goal is to do the job right, but to also get your computer back up and running as soon as we possibly can, whether you are a home client or your desktop at the office is misbehaving.  To that end, Tiger Custom Computers may offer to provide a loaner part or–when appropriate and available–an entire loaner system while the defective component is being replaced or repaired by the manufacturer.  Depending on the circumstances, there may be a reasonable labor charge associated with providing such a loaner service.

All parts we use to repair your computer, whether we originally built your system or not, come with a hardware warranty.  We take the same care to service your computer that we show our own systems.

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