Data Recovery and Backup Systems

Data loss is the single largest computer-related threat to businesses and home users.  While most viruses and spyware may make it so that you cannot use your computer–or make it endlessly frustrating to do so–the failure of your hard drive, the theft of your computer/data, or the loss of your system to accident or natural disaster are often far more catastrophic events.

Data Recovery

  • If your computer will not boot into Windows (or OS X/Linux where appropriate), or even if it will not turn on at all, do not fear–all is not lost.  Your data is stored on one specific part in the computer–the hard drive.
  • Even if your laptop has been driven over by a car or your computer has had liquid spilled on it, if that one part still functions, we can recover most–or all–of your valuable data.
  • Tiger Custom Computers specializes in affordable data recovery.  We will attempt to find and rescue those irreplaceable photos, those important documents and projects, and those critical e-mails.
  • After recovery, they will be restored onto a new hard drive and, when appropriate, your computer will be repaired and returned to working order.

Tiger Custom Computers only bills for data recovery if it is possible and at least partially successful.

On-site and Online Backup Systems

  • An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  The only thing that can be done to mitigate the chance of losing everything–photos, documents, e-mail, bookmarks, tax returns, etc.–is to have a recent, intact backup of your system.  Tiger Custom Computers can outline and implement an affordable and comprehensive backup plan for your home or business.
  • We can set up a fast, on-site backup which will create a “disk image”–a large backup file that can completely restore your entire computer to the exact state when the backup was made.  This is useful for protecting your data from a hard drive crash, and saving all of your programs and settings–not just your photos, documents, e-mail, etc.
  • We can also set up a completely automated online backup system.  Your documents, photos, music, e-mail and other crucial files will be automatically backed up to secure servers whenever your computer is on and connected to the internet.  This is useful for protecting your files and other content from hard drive failures, theft, natural disaster, or other loss.

An online backup can’t restore your entire computer–just your files–so it is not a substitute for having an on-site disk image backup.  An on-site disk image backup can be stolen, destroyed, or otherwise lost, so it is not a perfect substitute for an online backup system.  In an ideal world, all of our clients would have both systems in place for safety.  However, if you don’t have a lot of programs that would need to be reinstalled and reconfigured in the event of  an online backup will likely take care of your needs.

Please do check to make sure your backups are running as scheduled.  Please do not attempt to do any sort of data restoration from a disk image backup without consulting with us first.  If you aren’t familiar with hard drives, partitions and other technical elements of data storage and backup restoration, you run the risk of completely erasing your computer and your data.

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