Home and Office Networking

No one should be without a secured wireless network.  You can be held liable and responsible for the internet searches, downloads, and communication that occurs on your home and business internet connection.  You do not want strangers hijacking your internet connection for their own purposes.

Let Tiger Custom Computers help you set up, secure and troubleshoot the wired or wireless network at your home or small business.  We’ll get your existing equipment working properly, including your desktops, laptops, printer/scanners, iPhones, iPads, Android devices and anything else that relies on networking.  If you don’t have a wireless network yet or your existing equipment has failed, we can recommend or provide high-quality, secure wireless routers that provide a hardware firewall for your network as well as an encrypted wireless network to prevent eavesdropping and abuse of your internet connection.

Tiger Custom Computers can set up file and printer sharing between your computers, both PC and Apple, at your home or small business.

For businesses, we can work with your Internet Service Provider to set up static IP addresses, configure port forwarding on your router and help you create a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or set up remote access so you can communicate with your computers at your home, office, or small business from wherever you are.

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