“Matt, owner of Tiger Custom Computers, has been supporting my computers for about three and a half years. I have been around computers and support help for many, many years. Matt is the most intuitive, knowledgeable, computer support person I have ever met. Incredibly fast, smart, fairly-priced and above all a great human being. I am proud and lucky to have him on my team. As far as trust… I gave him a set of my office keys and alarm combination.”
Dennis, Issaquah
We provide on-going support for the numerous computers and server at Dennis’s small business, as well as the numerous computers at his home.  We also provide software troubleshooting and consulting for the digital imaging program he and his company designs and sells.  He has referred his neighbors, family, and clients of his own to us.
“Mike was awesome. He was very nice, right on time, and had good communication.”
Gretchen, Issaquah
Gretchen has been a client of ours for many years.  We are proud to continue to earn her business, her loyalty, and her referrals.
“What a relief! Matt (the owner) just left my house after working some serious wizardry to remove a nasty piece of malware from my son’s laptop. Here’s what was great about Tiger Custom Computers: Matt replied to my email immediately, he made a house call for no extra $, and he was on time. He diagnosed and fixed the problem quickly, and gave my kids lessons on how computers work at the same time! Okay, I learned a lot too. He gave us great advice on how to avoid viruses in the future, and as a bonus helped us get our desktop computer running faster. I wanted to hug him! Next time something like this happens, I won’t sweat it trying to fix it myself. I’ll give Matt a call.”
K.K., Ballard
“Matt, the computer genius, came over this afternoon and fixed everything – and I mean everything – on my computer. I can access iTunes and have all my contacts back! Yea! He even showed me how to attach my Garmin GPS to the charger in the cigarette lighter so it won’t die on long trips. Apparently I had the port, not the knowledge. And he set up all sorts of short cuts and got rid of lots ‘o crap that [Big Box Computer Company] loads onto their new computers. What a guy! What an education!
Gale, Seattle
Gale has rewarded us with repeat business and numerous referrals.
“Not only has Matt helped me set up my whole computer system, he also provides excellent part recommendations, and fantastic computer advice, such as software and maintenance. He knows how to keep you in the loop about your computer, and is always willing to take the extra time to make sure you understand. I’ve recommended him to all my business contacts, my friends, and my family. A++”
Robyn, Issaquah
We helped Robyn pick out all of the components for her computer, and–since she was feeling particularly brave–helped her assemble it herself.  She and her family have been clients for several years and wonderful friends besides.
“I have to zap this out to you just to say THANK YOU AND I LOVE MY NEW COMPUTER! This totally rocks! I feel like a Queen, working at my desk on this big screen, listening to my music and not wasting any time waiting for things to show up! You are amazing and we are so grateful you are in our lives!!!
Thank you again – so far soooooo gooood!”
Christine, Seattle
Christine was initially interested in “switching” from PC to Apple, due to her frustrations with her old computer.  However, we looked at her software needs and requirements felt that it would not be appropriate–instead we recommended building a desktop computer for her.  She has been happily working away with this new system since 2009.
What a difference a new, properly-tuned computer makes!
“My computer is very fast now, amazing!”
Bonnie, Bellevue
We overhauled Bonnie’s entire computer–replacing the motherboard, CPU, RAM, and PSU in the desktop she uses for her home business–while keeping her operating system, all her files and her programs intact.

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